DCSI is a Space Invaders arcade game emulator for the Sega Dreamcast home game console.

This project is no longer being developed. The source code and selfbooting Disk Juggler image (.cdi) are still avalable. 28MAY01 - DCSI v0.4 (and final)

  • Space Invaders Deluxe is now supported
  • user-selectable dipswitches in a simple UI
  • user option to squish screen vertically so it all fits
  • a few other little things no one will ever notice

    Get the CDI file if you just want to burn with DJ and play.
    The source code is available for those that like to look under the hood.

    26MAY01 - I am working on v0.4... It will support Space Invaders Deluxe as well as the original Space Invaders.

    22MAY01 - the .cdi file is now up to date.

    21MAY01 - DCSI v0.3 Released. Changes:

  • Backdrop artwork displayed during game
  • UFO sound repeats, as it should
  • A few other minor things no one will ever notice

    20MAY01 - List of outstanding issues (these may or may not be addressed in future versions, if there are any):

  • Bottom part of screen (approx 16 raster lines) not displayed
  • UFO sound doesn't repeat as it should
  • Throttling could be better (i.e. timer based)
  • Unknown if INT & NMI freqencys are correct per original hardware
  • Heck, for that matter I'm not completely sure what the original CPU clockspeed was
  • Need a means for user to select dipswitch settings
  • Background artwork should be displayed during gameplay
  • any others?

    19MAY01 - Webpage created. DCSI v0.2 released with source code.
    Changes include:

  • CPU cycle counting added for more consistant speed
  • color translucent overlay simulated
  • 2 player mode now works
  • added semi-fancy title screen

    - dgfinck@yahoo.com