MAME for Casio E-100 & E-105


Build date: 18JAN01
README read it.
Executable (approx 660kb)
Source (approx 5MB)

Hacked Galaga ROMset
Hacked Ms. Pacman ROMset


MAMEBoy (CE3.0 Casios), Marconelly
MAMECE3 (all PocketPCs) by Techmaster

iMAME (iPaq only) by Gandalf
Official MAME Official MAME32


MAMECE message board

(10APR03) Due to a 'flurry' of interest lately, I've updated this page. The colors are now simple black & white (because my monitor is a POS and the text was not readable on the blue background). The link to the sourcecode is now fixed, but may break again in the near future because is currently being converted to The ePod build is gone (sorry ePods users... both of them). Good to know that people are still using the good ole Casio E-100 and E-105 models. Seems like in spite of the newer and fancier PocketPC models comming out... none seems to run most MAME games as fast as MAMECE-10X on an E100 or E105 ;)

(22JUL01) Well, it's back. The assholes at Geocities apparently deleted my page without warning nor notification. It is now located at my own domain where I can keep an eye on it. Not everything is here yet, I'll try to slowly fix missing files & bad links.

(20MAR01) Hello. I haven't gone the way of Ben Cooley :) I'm just in a "MAMECE-lull". Hopefully one day I'll have both more inspiration and time to work on MAMECE-10X some more. If anyone has any neat ideas for MAMECE (other than "can you enable [insert crappy game here]"), pass them on.

(10FEB01) Someone (who owns an ePod) has expressed interest in taking over MAMECE for the ePod. With some luck, he'll be under way soon and perhaps even create a webpage one day.

(28JAN01) Progress continues on the ePod build. See this page for the latest info. *UPDATE* Test build #2 now available. Galaga works, screen is centered, and front-end options are visable. Sound doesn't work, still no working inputs.
WANTED: ePod owner to take over project (or a cheap ePod for me :) Must have MSVC++6.0 & Windows CE Toolkit and at least enough knowledge to compile the thing. Apply within.

(27JAN01) OK, ePod owners: please try out the TEST BUILD #1 to the left and see if it displays any differently from the 'normal' build. Thank you. Please email info and screenshots.

(27JAN01) The source is now current. Actually, it's a little better than current, it may have a couple little of things I've done since the latest executable. I may be spending some time over the next couple of weeks trying to work out the display issues guys with ePod units are having. It sounds like a fun challenge. It's my understanding that this build runs on the ePod units, but shows a mucked up display. If some of you ePod guys could email me screenshots of the display, that would be helpful, to start with.

(18JAN01) New MAMECE-10X uploaded. What's new? Tron and Satan's Hollow are enabled and use a screen-size-halfing blit so they fit on the display. A number of unplayable games were disabled. The taskbar is automatically hidden when you begin a game and re-displayed as you exit a game (thanks to Phantom's "EasyCE" for the code to do that :) The touchscreen is now usable :) The whole thing is one big button, mapped to a key in MAME, you'll have to use the in-game configuration to assign it to a use. Screen center-ing and respect of the visable-rectangle is better still, but still needs a bit more fixing (i.e. using correct visable screen-height in horizontal monitor games). I'll try to zip up the source package and upload it ASAP.

(07JAN01) I re-did all the HTML on the website (the automatically-created stuff was a mess). Oh, and I got the MCR games working:

(05JAN01) I'm still alive... and I've been playing with MAMECE-10X a little bit lately. I haven't really done enough yet to post a new binary, but perhaps in a little while. I've fixed the couple of games that crashed in the last build, removed a couple of games I never played, and added Pinball Action 'cause I was wondering why no one (Jimmy?) has made a good pinball game for CE devices? :-) The aspect ratio is well-suited, 16-bit color could make some nice looking playfields... I think it'd be a killer CE/PocketPC app. I also (further) improved game-screen-centering and hope to now make the UI text act properly (i.e. stay on the game screen in all cases).

(17NOV00) I now recommend EM-500 and E-115 users try "MAMEBoy". It is compiled and maintained by Marconelly from my source, except with changes made for it to work properly on those devices. See links to the left. My old EM-500 and E-115 builds will soon disappear.

(16NOV00) I haven't made any real progress, but someone else, who shall remain nameless for now, has been able to sucessfully get set up and compiled a fully fixed EM-500 build, i.e. fixed gfx & buttons all working right, and with all the speedups etc in the latest E10X version that I've made after my EM-500 test build was compiled. Hopefully he'll make it available soon.

(13NOV00) Yesterday I actually updated the source, so it's pretty much current now. Thanks to Marconelly, I have (mostly) overcome my difficulties with slow builds, and my discouragement. So hopefully I can improve a few more things before I get tired of it again :)

(05NOV00) I uploaded a newer build. It is a 25OCT00 build: not my latest, but hopefully one of the faster ones. Since around then, I've been having weird speed problems that I can't track down. In fact, I haven't really messed with MAMECE since 29OCT00; I've been discouraged. Anyway, try out this build and let me know what you think. Oh, and the README is new too.

(25OCT00) Added a couple of hacked ROM sets. The Ms. Pacman and Galaga romsets below have (most of) the annoying 'start-up' sequences removed/disabled (Don't you hate having to wait 30 seconds before you can insert a coin?). In addition, the Galaga romset has been hacked to virtually disable the 3rd ("sound-only") CPU, so it should play a little faster--in any emulator. I'm still working on the Galaga ROMs, I hope to be able to hack it so emulation of the 3rd CPU can be totally eliminated (saving time in context switches). I'm also working on Dig Dug; however, it appears that its 3rd CPU does more than just sound :-( so I may not be able to speed it up; only eliminate the start-up sequence. Oh, and I hope to get 'regular' Pacman done too.